Submitting a demo to us:

  • Enclose a covering letter but please keep it brief.
  • Ensure that you enclose a short biography. Keep to the point and make sure it’s not more than an A4 sheet. Clearly list all forms of contact.
  • Ensure that the demo itself has your contact details on it, as it may get separated from its cover or paperwork.
  • Never send a demo with just a telephone number (we will not call you).
  • If you are a SINGER/MC/RAPPER, your demo does not have to be recorded in a studio, a simple home recording will suffice. Sing songs that are within your range, don’t try and sing a song that is too difficult for you. The demo doesn’t have to be sung over music.
  • If you are a DJ/PRODUCER we will be looking for a high standard of work.
  • If you are worried about protecting your work, just send a one-minute piece of each track.
  • It can take up to 14 days to confirm receipt of your demo. Thereafter we will give you our response within 8 weeks. If we haven’t contacted you after this time, please do contact us by email/letter/ fax.
  • If we reject your demo, we do not give a reason why. You will be informed by letter or email that your demo is not suitable. (No notes are kept thereafter on your demo).
  • No telephone enquiries are taken with regards to demos, all contact must be made via letter/email/fax/web.

  Alternatively; - upload a demo directly to us: